Will MMR vaccine lessen Covid-19 symptoms?

The MMR vaccine is safe, and there is no harm in getting another dose if you may already be immune to measles, mumps, or rubella. Click here for more information.

Is the Yellow Fever vaccine available?

The Lab Nurse has Yellow fever vaccine available at our Beachwood office only for those traveling to areas of high risk or requiring an international certificate of vaccination for entry into that country.

Where can I get a flu shot?

The Lab Nurse will come to your company, business or organization for a group of 10 or more. We also have three convenient office location:

  • 21625 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 210, Beachwood, OH 44122

No appointments needed for groups or individuals in the office.
For more information or to arrange for on-site flu shots for your Employees, just email or call to set a time most convenient for you!

I received a flu shot last year. Do I need to get a flu shot this year?

Yes. Due to antigenic drifts in the flu virus, most years at least one of the influenza virus subtypes changes. Because of these changes, the vaccine you received last year will offer little protection against the flu strain that is circulating this year. The World Health Organization along with other worldwide surveillance centers, monitor the flu virus and track what viruses are circulating around the world. Based on data from previous years and on predictions on the strains that will predominate in the coming year, a new vaccine is formulated every year.

After I receive a flu shot, how long does it take for my body to be protected from the flu?

Generally protection against influenza(flu) develops about 2 weeks after getting the shot.

Can I get the flu from the flu shot?

No. The influenza vaccine itself is an inactivated vaccine with no living components and therefore cannot cause disease with the influenza virus. Many people call any illness with fever and cold symptoms “the flu”. They may expect influenza vaccine to prevent these illnesses. The influenza vaccine is effective only against illness caused by influenza viruses, and not against other illness.

Is FluMist available?

FluMist Quadrivalent is available for ages 2-49. FluMist is a safe and effective live nasal vaccine not requiring an injection.

Can I receive a pneumonia shot at the same time as the flu shot?

Yes. If you are are at risk for pneumonia (see flu and pneumonia information) and have not already received a pneumonia shot, you can and should get your flu shot the same day as your pneumonia shot. You need a flu shot every year while your pneumonia shot is generally good for a lifetime.

When should I receive my flu and pneumonia shot?

Flu vaccine is usually available October to March. People who are at high risk of complications (death) due to influenza are encouraged to receive their flu shot as soon as it’s available. Vaccine is most effective when it is received 2-4 months before exposure to influenza. Pneumonia shots are available all year round and you can receive them any time of year.

Can I get the flu shot if I am not feeling well?

If you have a minor illness or a slight fever it is not a reason to skip your flu shot. However, if you have a high fever, you should put off your flu shot until your fever comes down. If you are taking antibiotics you can still receive your flu shot.

What are the symptoms of influenza? How do I know I have influenza?

The flu is different from a cold. Influenza usually comes on suddenly and may include these symptoms: fever, headache, tiredness(can be extreme), dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches. These symptoms are usually referred to as “flu-like symptoms.”

Your respiratory illness might be the flu if you have sudden onset of body aches, fever, and respiratory symptoms, and your illness occurs during November through April (the usual flu season in the Northern Hemisphere). However, during this time, other respiratory illnesses can cause similar symptoms and flu can be caught at any time of the year. It is impossible to tell for sure if you have the flu based on symptoms alone. Doctors and Nurse Practitioners can perform tests to see if you have the flu if you are in the first few days of your illness.

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